Technical workshop on LNG Bunkering operations in Piraeus Port

Technical workshop on LNG Bunkering operations in Piraeus Port


A one and half day workshop on risk assessment of LNG bunkering operations in Piraeus Port was hosted by European co-funded project Poseidon Med II in Port premises on 19 & 20th September 2016.

This event is the last in the series of workshops organised by Poseidon Med II project, which focused on feasible scenarios for LNG bunkering installations and potential appropriate sites within the project ports, setting the foundations for the technical studies development.

Piraeus workshop began with an overview of the state of the relevant studies developed during the first phase of the project (Poseidon Med I). 32 workshop attendees participated to a boat tour to the car, container, cruise & passenger terminals in Piraeus port, observing the proposed sites for LNG bunkering operations.

Ioannis Papagiannopoulos, Director, PFSO, PSO, Head of Port Security Department of Piraeus Port, commented: “Poseidon Med II project sets the starting point for Piraeus to undertake a leading role in Eastern Mediterranean area as hub port for LNG bunkering operations. Port’s competitiveness and enhanced environmental profile are among the key benefits that Piraeus community will gain, through the implementation of this pioneering project for our region”.

The workshop participants, during the Risk Assessment and Operability study, contributed to calculation estimations of the LNG fuel requirements based on comprehensive insights on current and future trades in Piraeus Port.

Poseidon Med II technical workshops defined all the necessary steps towards the development of LNG bunkering operations in the involved ports, ensuring port safety, emergency planning and staff competence. Particular focus was given to help the involved ports to develop strategic planning regarding their future commercial role, forecasting demand in LNG bunkering services”, highlighted Anna Apostolopoulou, Poseidon Med II Project Manager on behalf of Lloyd’s Register.

Since May 2016, Poseidon Med II project has organised five technical workshops in Igoumenitsa, Patras, Heraklion, Limassol and Piraeus ports, applying a thorough risk assessment methodology in order to identify potential hazards and operability aspects for vessels, ports and their interaction during LNG bunkering operation. Various bunkering scenarios –such as ship to ship or truck to ship-, different proposed locations, specific safeguards as well as lists with further actions were being developed for each port with the active contribution of all involved stakeholders.



What is PoseidonMed

POSEIDON MED II project is a practical roadmap which aims to bring about the wide adoption of LNG as a safe, environmentally efficient and viable alternative fuel for shipping and help the East Mediterranean marine transportation propel towards a low-carbon future. The project, which is co-funded by the European Union, involves three countries Greece, Italy and Cyprus, six European ports (Piraeus, Patras, Limassol, Venice, Heraklion, Igoumenitsa) as well as the Revithoussa LNG terminal. The project brings together top experts from the marine, energy and financial sectors to design an integrated LNG value chain and establish a well-functioning and sustainable LNG market.


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Photos of the workshop are available, here

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Photos of the workshop are available