Vision - Mission


Develop a strategy for the introduction and promotion of the use of LNG as marine fuel in order to provide an efficient and effective solution to the problem of emissions abatement in the East Mediterranean area.


POSEIDON MED ultimate aim is to prepare in detail a global plan of infrastructure development in the East Mediterranean area so that LNG can be widely adopted as marine fuel for shipping operations. The project will design a LNG transportation, distribution, and supply (including bunkering) network and infrastructure for its use as marine fuel in East Mediterranean (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia) and it will define the framework for a well-functioning and sustainable relative market (vessels) for its demand.

The project has a fourfold target:

-          To study the establishment of a comprehensive LNG network (sources and destinations) in the East Mediterranean area (including the Adriatic).

-          To study all necessary activities to develop a sustainable market for LNG as marine fuel in the aforementioned countries.

-          To revive shipping in the area and increase the fleet competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.

-          To serve and satisfy EU and TEN-T objectives with respect to emission reduction, increased efficiency and competitiveness of EU shipping, ensuring and strengthening accessibility to all areas of the comprehensive network, diversification of EU energy supply sources, creating new employment opportunities, ascertaining mobility of goods and people in a safe and socially responsible way.